Monday, June 29, 2015

June Elizabeth Busby

Our Sweet little June was born on March 30, 2015. 

Since this was our third baby I thought I would at least have her a little early or on time, but like her brother and sister she was late. 

Two days before I had her we were at the park with friends and I started to get really painful contractions so we decided to head home so I could rest. Of course they stopped as soon as we got home. The next day after dinner the pain was pretty uncomfortable and Chase decided to call his parents so they could start the journey up to our house. I wasn't totally convinced it was the real deal so I felt bad that Chase had called them. Chase has always known when I was in labor because later that night I was in horrible pain. We had our friend Megan come over until Chase's parents got here and headed to the hospital. 

When we got there I was at a 7 and was begging for the epidural, how do people do it without it! and she was born at 3:17 am. We were in the hospital for a little over 24 hours and then we got to come home to our other babies.

Gavin is the best big brother and has never once complained about having two sisters. Olivia is always giving her lots of love, she smothers her with kisses. 

Its overall a mad house every day here, my house is always messy, I don't always cook dinner and rarely get ready, most of the time I feel a little crazy but I sure do love these little people!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

First year

The first year of Olivia's life has flown by! I feel like I was just holding this very colicky baby and walking up and down my room trying to calm her. Now she's a walking/running little toddler. She is still a clingy little thing she loves to just be held, and snuggle. She loves to run after her brother and steal his toys and hit him on the head with them. She climbs on anything and is so proud of herself when she gets to the top. She SCREAMS Da-Da whenever she hears Chase open the door, total Daddy's girl. She is always down for a shower with mommy and has dropped her bottle and moved onto a sippy cup like a champ!

We had a very low key cake cutting party for Olivia with some friends, she danced to Christmas music and ate delicious bundt cake. She has become my little buddy and I love her more each day. I cant wait to see you as a big sister!

 For Olivia's actual birthday Chase made his yummy Saturday morning chocolate chip banana pancakes and because we are super cool parents we took our daughter to Petsmart, Toys R Us, and Panera to celebrate.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas Day

We decided to stay home for Christmas this year and head down to see our family a couple days later. It just made more sense rather than drag all their gifts down there. It worked out great! The kids slept in until 8:30 that morning and Chase and I were getting super antsy! So I decided to make "homemade" cinnamon rolls. I basically searched through Pinterest looking for the easiest recipe. As soon as the kids woke up the rolls were ready and they were ready to open up gifts! 

Its been fun teaching Gavin what Christmas is all about, although he still is way more excited about santa at this point. So when he walked out of his room he yelled "I heard santa last night". Olivia didn't really get what was going on but was still excited to rip wrapping paper up and watch Gavin scream and jump around after every gift.

The rest of the day was great, the holidays are way more fun with kids. Chase and I watched them play with their new toys all day and ate way too much! It was perfect!


I wont lie Thanksgiving this year was kind of a bust. We woke up the tuesday before Thanksgiving ready to make the drive down to southern California and noticed Olivia was extremely fussy. We took her temperature and sure enough it was at 103, I've never had a baby with a fever and it all kind of freaked me out. We took her to the doctor and they just told us to keep it down with tylenol. So off we went with our road trip... BAD IDEA. The whole time we were there Olivia didn't sleep but in our arms and cried pretty much the whole time. We couldn't visit my sister who had a 6 week old baby and we ended up having thanksgiving dinner by ourselves to make sure we didn't get anyone else sick. I was such a baby and cried  A LOT! I wanted everything to be perfect but I guess thats what happens when you have little ones, everything is so unpredictable. There were times were we got some good family time and I'm grateful for that. But naturally I didn't get a lot of pictures. Maybe because I kind of want to forget the whole thing :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Unlike my other two pregnancies this one really kicked my trash! I was really really sick and unable to do basic things like shower without help. My sweet mom came out to help me for about a week, I'm so thankful she did because I actually ended up in the emergency room 2 days after she got here. I was so dehydrated from vomiting and not getting enough fluids. Thankfully after some fluids and some zofran I felt much better. But I still to this day get nauseous. Gavin was in Heaven having grandma here, she is way more fun than me

Things about being pregnant for the third time

I showed way way way early, I thought I showed early with Olivia, nope! I look 40 weeks at 23 :)

I thought I'd feel the baby earlier but I felt kicks later than my other two

I constantly forget I'm pregnant and lay on my belly, until I feel really uncomfortable and remember there is a baby in there

I could have waited till the baby was born to find out the sex, but I think Chase would have gone crazy

We didn't tell Gavin right away, we waited about three weeks after we found out. Just to be safe

Once we told Gavin he was going to be a big brother again he was so excited! he wanted to know what the baby was right away. Waiting for the big ultrasound was hard for that little guy. But in the meantime he nicknamed the baby "Mater" as in the rusty tow truck from Cars. 

Once the anatomy scan came I was pretty excited to find out the sex. We left Gavin with a friend and took little Olivia with us. It is always so neat to see this baby wiggling inside of you. We really wanted to find out the sex with Gavin, so we asked the tech to write it down for us and put it in an envelope. It was a little tricky to not look at the baby and figure out what it was, she kept telling us to look away when she was looking down there. At one point I thought I saw boy bits and then she said we were looking at the brain haha! We taught Gavin how to spell Boy and Girl so that he could read the note to us...

We all kind of knew we'd have another girl, we are all a little scared because Olivia has been a little DRAMATIC haha, but we really are thrilled and overjoyed to have her join our family. Most of the time I worry and stress and wonder how I will possibly be able to handle another baby especially with Olivia being a baby herself but I know I'll get thru it and I'll have to let some things go. Like not having a clean house all the time or piles of laundry or having my children watch hours of TV. I'll do anything to survive that first year

Now to figure out a name!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer in California

The summer has flown by! we have done so many things and have really tried to soak up every bit of the sun (not like its going anywhere, but still) 

For the last 4 years for Chase's birthday we have always either had a baby or have moved out of state, so it has always been crazy!

This year was no different, we had just moved from NC and were still in corporate housing desperately looking for a place of our own. We still managed to have some friends over to celebrate! Lucky enough our AMAZING friends the Holms from Durham in town! that made it that much more special for Chase. Gavin yelled out PAIGEY! when he saw his little girlfriend, he was so pumped!

This was the only picture I took that night, I was to busy stuffing my face with Costco cake :)

We were really lucky to see so many friends from NC this summer, Our other friends Jessica and Nate were interning at Google and invited us to Golden Gate park and some of the best ice cream Ive ever had, for their little girls birthday. Gavin was in heaven riding the big carousel and of course having his ice cream too! I always seem to forget how cool the City is! 

Chase always has something really nice planned for my birthday and someday I'll be a nice wife and do the same for him. But this year he planned a week away in San Luis Obispo and it was perfect. We literally spent every day at the beach, ate way too much and snuck in a bit of netflix once the kids were down. Hotel life is rough for parents LOL!

Lots of baby wearing

Gavin bought me a rose for my birthday, what a sweetie!
I know ENOUGH with the NC friends! But it was Awesome! Lis, Ian and their cute boys came to visit over a weekend and it was just like the good ole MBA days! We miss all our friends so much! We also really really love all of our CA friends! 

And lastly we had lots and lots of time with family which is amazing because Chase and I can actually get to have a conversation while everyone else entertains our children! 

We have had such a great time so far!